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Find where your passion meets God's purpose.

Volunteer Opportunities

You'll find an extensive list of serving opportunities both within Timberline Church and in the community that is uniquely suited to you. If you would like to discover more about your gifts and passions check out the S.H.A.P.E. Assessment link, or connect with a personal Ministry Guide. We have a team ready to help you discover your place to serve!

Explore and discover available opportunities to serve where your passion meets God's purpose!

Unpack your God-given S.H.A.P.E.

  • Who are you? 
  • Who has God made you to be?
  • How has He shaped you, and why has He shaped your life that way?

Here at Timberline Church, it is our firm conviction that a call to serve is inherent in the invitation to follow Jesus. Understanding who God made you to be, will help you discover what He's called you to do.  Take the S.H.A.P.E. Assessment below to start the journey!

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Medical/EMT Member

The mission of the Safety and Security team is to provide a safe environment for people to attend church. A member of the medical team should have the ability to quickly and quietly attend to any medical emergency or need.

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Middle School Leader

This volunteer position includes leading students into transforming relationships with Jesus and their peers, plan and execute weekly meeting programming, plan and execute ways to spend time with students off church campus, maintain attendance...

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

We would be honored to connect and help you explore the right area to serve. We have personal Ministry Guides who will journey with you to help you find your sweet spot of service.

Help Me!

Missions Hospitality Coodinator

Help Timberline Missions be the “hostess with mostest!” From mission's meetings to visiting missionaries, we need help coordinating a team of hospitality gurus. Duties would include: maintaining a missions calendar of meetings, events, and...

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Missions Prayer Coordinator

Coordinate our prayer team as they commit to pray for our missionaries global, national, and local. Duties would include: Receiving periodic emails listing specific needs and requests for prayer, joining our mission's leaders praying at our...

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Missions Prayer Team

Commit to pray for our missionaries global, national, and local. Duties would include: receiving periodic emails from the Missions Office and/or Missions Prayer Coordinator with specific needs and requests for prayer and if able, join our...

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Missions Table Host

Host our ongoing information mall tables for special events during the weekend services. All materials and instruction are provided by the Missions Office. Duties would include being a smiling, friendly presence at the table before one or...

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We value connection at Timberline Church. As a Navigator, you will help guide people to their place of connection. Navigators will volunteer one weekend a month at Connection Central. While you are serving, you are helping guests who are...

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Photographers and Videographers

Creatively-minded photographers and videographers, of any skill level, who can help us collect stock photos and videos of the weekends and at events. Photos and videos will be used on our website, social media, and advertisements that will help...

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