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Volunteer Opportunities

Find where your passion meets God's purpose.

Volunteer Opportunities

You'll find an extensive list of serving opportunities both within Timberline Church and in the community that is uniquely suited to you. If you would like to discover more about your gifts and passions check out the S.H.A.P.E. Assessment link, or connect with a personal Ministry Guide. We have a team ready to help you discover your place to serve!

Explore and discover available opportunities to serve where your passion meets God's purpose!

Unpack your God-given S.H.A.P.E.

  • Who are you? 
  • Who has God made you to be?
  • How has He shaped you, and why has He shaped your life that way?

Here at Timberline Church, it is our firm conviction that a call to serve is inherent in the invitation to follow Jesus. Understanding who God made you to be, will help you discover what He's called you to do.  Take the S.H.A.P.E. Assessment below to start the journey!

S.H.A.P.E. Assessment

Broadcast Tech

This position allows our online viewers to experience the message of Jesus from their homes or wherever in the world they are located.

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

We would be honored to connect and help you explore the right area to serve. We have personal Ministry Guides who will journey with you to help you find your sweet spot of service.

Help Me!

Children's Office Assistant

Supporting the Timberline Kids Office Staff is rewarding and incredibly helpful to continue the smooth, day-to-day operation of the children’s Ministries area.

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Communion Steward

The Communion Steward volunteer position helps with the preparation and clean-up for Sunday communion for the Traditions service, helps with the preparation and clean-up of quarterly communion for all four services and Lent/Good Friday. This...

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Connection - Interest Group Leader

An interest group leader facilitates social connection around a common interest. They coordinate and communicate details for their gatherings with interested people from Timberline and respond to people interested in joining. An interest group...

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A copywriter volunteer assists with written communication for a variety of mediums. Needs may include copywriting, editing, or proofing for: Campaign themes and creative assets, website and digital media, and social content, captions, and/or...

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Family Advocate - Helping Vulnerable Families

Meet one hour/week to walk alongside one parent for six months. Family Advocates will be partnered with a bio parent whose children are in County custody to help them to address underlying issues so their family can be reunified

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