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Prayer Guide : Day 29

by Kiersten Mehl on August 29, 2021

Praise the Lord


Psalm 146


I praise you, God, with all my soul.

I will praise you, Lord, for all of my life, singing your praises for as long as I live.

I trust in you alone, my King. There is no man, woman, ruler, or nation who could give me eternal salvation. The time will come when their power and authority is gone, but your power and your authority will reign forever. I look to you for help and will keep my hope firmly in you.

You are the maker of heaven and Earth, the sea and everything in them. You are faithful forever. In your faithfulness, you fight to give justice to the weak. You provide for those who are hungry, giving them all they need. You give hope and peace to the fatherless and the widowed.

I was once a slave to my sin and imprisoned by the consequence of death, but you have set me free. I was once blind and could not see the truth of your gospel, but you helped me to see you and your works so that I could believe and receive your salvation. You have also given me eyes to see as you do and have compassion for those on whom you show your compassion.

I am humbled before you, knowing how unworthy I am of your love. Despite my unworthiness, you have prepared a place for me in your kingdom. You will reign forever in my heart, forever over this Earth, and forever in heaven.

I praise you, my Lord. Amen.

Listen, Reflect & Journal

Continue to spend your day in worship. Look for God all around you today and praise him for each of the ways he reveals himself to you. 

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