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Mark: "What's Next?" Donny Abbott at Timberline Church

Series: MARK: Hope, Help & Healing

April 07, 2024 | Donny Abbott

As we have walked through the Gospel of Mark for the past 15 months, we have experienced this huge build up to what is the most pivotal moment in human history. Jesus, a dead person, three days later comes back to life again. And as we celebrated the resurrection story last week, you might be wondering....what's next?
What does Jesus do after such a momentous occasion? He came back from the dead to do something... what was it?
Join Pastor Donny as he shares how Jesus was very busy after the resurrection. He was busy preparing His followers to take His message to the four corners of the earth.

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"What's Next?"


Pastor Donny Abbott


Mark 16:9-15


1. () wants to () with you.


2. Jesus () His followers because of their ().


3. Jesus () doubt.


4. Jesus () a () heart.



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