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Mark: "I Have a Question For You" John Mehl at Timberline Windsor

Series: MARK: Hope, Help & Healing

April 30, 2023 | John Mehl

This week we encounter the question of the whole Gospel of Mark, “Who then is this?” Even after all the encounters and experiences with Jesus, this question still leaves people at a pivotal point with just who Jesus really is and what our answer means for us.

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I have a question for you

Mark 4:35-41

Pastor John Mehl


This account is   (by Jonah’s story),   (the boat is sent into the storm), and   (for the disciples – and us)


The disciples’ first question: ‘Do you  ?!’


THE QUESTION (of Mark, and of our encounters with the person of Jesus):   is this?!’


Then comes a question… form me: If the storms, demons, sickness, and even death unconditionally obey –  ?!







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