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Mark: "Family Matters" John Mehl at Timberline Windsor

Series: MARK: Hope, Help & Healing

September 03, 2023 | John Mehl

SYNOPSIS: Turning around a ‘trap-question’ from the Pharisees, Jesus teaches his people about the most intimate of relationships from God’s point of view. In fact, Jesus continues using all kinds of object lessons to show his people kingdom values and that everything is far richer by his hand than our own!

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Family Matters

Mark 10:1-31

Pastor John Mehl


  is rotted in and models   and God’s relationship with THE CHURCH


A model disciple of Jesus  and   the vulnerable!


What is   is  


Why should I…?

1) Because you will be made much happier and rich in this age

2) Because you are living a faith beyond this life


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