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"Mark: Are you hungry?" Joshua McGinley at Timberline Church

Series: MARK: Hope, Help & Healing

February 26, 2023 | Joshua McGinley

In Mark chapter 2, the people questioned Jesus about fasting and we still have questions about fasting today. Why would I do it? Do people still do that? Is fasting just for the super Christians? We will discuss the importance and the power found in spiritual disciplines and discover how they can lead us into a deeper and more intimate relationship with Jesus.

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Mark: Are you Hungry?

Joshua McGinley

Mark 2:18-22 NLT


1. Train yourself to be ()

2. () is a demonstration of our humility and dependence on God.

3. Fasting is a way to sharpen our spiritual () and gives us eyes to see as Jesus does.

4. Go all in and be ().




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