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Mark: 'A Likely Unexplored, Unexperienced Gift' John Mehl at Timberline Windsor

Series: MARK: Hope, Help & Healing

March 05, 2023 | John Mehl

As soon as he steps onto the ministry and preaching scene, Jesus is being targeted. In perfect wisdom and grace he clarifies that the things the Father gives to his people (commands and blessings) are fully for their good. Will they – will we – trust him and fully entrust ourselves to his good will?

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A likely unexplored, unexperienced gift

Mark 2:23-28

Pastor John Mehl


Sabbath is a  , not a  


God is Lord even over our  


Practically, for those of us who   the gift of Sabbath, or   it – Might we be at risk of   like the Pharisees did?


The   – The opposite heart of  !

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