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How 2020 Saved People from Slavery

by Vicky Dix on May 17, 2021

2020. Just the mention of that year stirs up a lot of emotions. As I look back at the year, I can’t help but feel a sense of amazement and gratitude for all that God did during a pandemic.  For me (and most of us), life came to a screeching halt as quarantines were put into place.  Travel stopped and events were canceled. Despite the inconveniences, I am so thankful that it also brought sex tourism to a stop:  people had to shelter-in-place, borders were closed, and century-old Red-Light Districts were shut down.  U COUNT, through the generosity of our donors, was able to come alongside our frontline partners as they reached out to women and children who were now free, but in need of both necessities and opportunities to help them physically exit the life of sex trafficking.  Project Rescue launched their “Forever Free” campaign to meet the pressing needs of women and children in South East Asia and Europe.  They offered feeding programs, medical care, COVID kits, and provided hope and friendship for those looking to exit sex trafficking.  In the U.S., we worked alongside The Avery Center as they provided care packages to women being trafficked and assisted with women looking to exit.  We helped local survivors with emergency needs such as housing, rental assistance, moving costs, and food.  We launched a social media campaign with Stop The Traffik reaching over 55,000 people in Colorado that offered a means to exit trafficking situations.  We also provided funds to Global Family, Guatemala LUM Project, and Rescue: Freedom.  These are all organizations that work towards empowerment by the rescue and restoration of individuals caught in sex slavery. 

 A year that will forever be marked in history by a devastating pandemic, but will also be the year that many women were given a fresh start. Many thanks to our donors and volunteers who continue to stay in the fight, dream about a world without slavery, and continue to lean in and give of their time, talent, and treasure. 

For Freedom,

Vicky Dix
U COUNT Co-Executive Director

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