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A Friend 4U: A Pregnancy Resource

by Missions Team on February 11, 2020

“Every woman experiencing unplanned pregnancy needs the same thing…. She needs a friend!” –Rebecca, volunteer friend for A Friend 4U

What is A Friend 4U?

A Friend 4U is a local, faith-based organization committed to listen, help and support women who walk through unplanned pregnancy or unplanned circumstances while pregnant. No matter the background, religion, age or race, A Friend 4U will help connect individuals with both community resources and a mentoring-type friend to walk through the entire process alongside her, no strings attached. As a matter of fact, many of these friend relationships carry on well after the pregnancy.

A Friend 4U also collaborates with and refers women to other local organizations and government programs which provide material and professional resources to better help their clients.

How does A Friend 4U work?

When a pregnant woman calls A Friend 4U, a caring person will confidentially discuss her needs. Then, within 24 hours, A Friend 4U will match that new client with a trained and trustworthy Christian woman who offers friendship and guidance without judgment. From there, it will be up to the client and the A Friend 4U volunteer to decide the best way to proceed with their relationship. Some meet in coffee shops; others go to doctor visits together.

Also, with their Care 4U program, A Friend 4U volunteers offer practical help after pregnancy with housekeeping, meals and a gift bag. Although A Friend 4U only refers women to parenting and adoption resource options within the area, they will offer assistance regardless of the path the client chooses for her pregnancy—including if she suffers a miscarriage.

What does A Friend 4U need?

  • Prayers—Pray to increase A Friend 4U’s footprint within the local community and beyond.
  • Volunteers—Since mentors must have a personal faith in Jesus, A Friend 4U only seeks volunteers within local churches.
  • Givers—In order to better serve their clients and volunteers, and in order to deepen their relationships with outside organizations, A Friend 4U needs to expand their pool of monthly and one-time donors.

How can I connect with A Friend 4U?

If you, too, have a heart to help pregnant women in our community through a faith-based organization, connect with A Friend 4U today.

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