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Women's Bible Study- Breakthrough

This study is written by Barb Roose, she will be joining us LIVE on October 23, registration is open. Register here.

Join us Thursdays, September 9 through October 14, 930-1130 am. We will NOT be meeting September 30.

Let go of feeling like you are not a "good enough" Christian and find freedom in Christ by studying Paul's letter to the Galatians in Breakthrough by Barb Roose. Have you ever felt that being a good Christian means you've got to follow a bunch of rules and measure up? If so, you aren't alone! In this six-week Bible study of Galatians, Barb Roose shows us that even the believers in the early church struggled to let go of rule-keeping and performance in order to embrace God's free gift of grace. In his letter to the Galatians, Paul pours out his heart and faith to set them straight, addressing so many of the same questions and problems we still face today, such as… - Who has led you to believe you have to follow rules to be right with God? - Why do you think you have to try to be perfect for God? - How do we stay free in Christ? If you've ever struggled with these questions or felt trapped by rules or religion, this study will provide a path to discover your freedom in Christ. Through this study women will learn to: - Stop trying to measure up and embrace God's grace - Distinguish between lies and truth - Embrace God's promise of freedom

Note: You will need to do a weeks worth of homework AHEAD of the first meeting. The participant book is on Amazon Buy your book here. Once you get your book, please start working on Week 1. We will go over the material and watch the video for week 1 at the first meeting.

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