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Pointing to the Promise

by Leigh Ann Dilley on December 22, 2021

As the celebration of Christ’s birth quickly approaches, I hope you have found ways to honor the true meaning of Christmas. Women’s Ministry has been posting from an Advent Study called Pointing to the Promise. We are in the final week of this study. 

The major focus of the study, and what has made the study enjoyable, has been reviewing the Old Testament promises of God that have always pointed toward the Messiah. The promises began back in Genesis when God created light and life.  Jesus, being present with God when all things were spoken into being, is the creator of light and life. This includes spiritual life.

Abraham was promised a descendent to bless all nations, and although he didn’t live to see the completion, the promise was fulfilled first through, first Isaac, and then through all the descendants to Jesus. David was promised a descendent to be on the throne forever. Isaiah delivered the news that a virgin would be with child, give birth to a son, and call him Immanuel (God with us), and that the root would come from the line of Jesse. Jesse was David’s father. Micah spoke of the promise coming out of Bethlehem, that from the tribe of Judah would come a ruler over Israel whose origins are from ancient times. All the Old Testament points toward the promise of Jesus, the Messiah. God has consistently kept His word.  As a result, we can expect that God will continue to keep all the promises He has made to us.  If He spoke it, it is done. Christmas is a great reminder of the proof that God fulfills all His promises. 

What is your response to these promises?  Will you be like Zechariah, who was doubtful, and asked for a sign of proof even though a sign was already given through the appearance and words of an angel? Or will you be like Mary, who said she was a servant of the Lord and would be obedient to his will?

Our obedient response to all the promises of God will lead us into a relationship with Christ, full of the hope Christ offers us. God’s glory will be reflected in the hope and joy we receive from the Father. Christ’s suffering changed things forever. We have a Savior! Then we were promised the Holy Spirit, sent upon Christ's return to the Father, who will be with us to the end of the age (Matt: 28:20). God promised to give strength to the weary and power to the weak (Isaiah 40:29). He promises to satisfy the thirsty and to fill the hungry with good things and He promises our prayers will be heard.

To live by these promises, we need to know these promises. In 2022, Women’s Ministry will be focusing on the Promises of God. Each of our monthly memory verses is a promise of God. We are daughters of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!  Our Lord and King has given us promises from the beginning of time. To gain the fullness of these promises, let us again look at Mary as an example.  Mary pondered and treasured things in her heart. If we don’t both ponder and treasure God’s word, it will never comfort, convict, or change us.

Psalm 119:18 says Open my eyes to see the miracle wonder hidden in your word.  (TPT) We don’t want to miss any of the miraculous wonderful things hidden in God’s word. 

Join the women of Timberline and pick up a Monthly Promises of God booklet at the office or at the mall table. These verses will also be posted in the monthly Newsletter. 

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