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Devotional: Week. 1 Lent Prayer Challenge

by Leigh Ann Dilley on February 26, 2024

A couple of weeks ago, a challenge went out to women to rethink prayer during Lent rather than "giving something up." Prayer is a value at Timberline, and the challenge was meant to inspire you as well as elevate prayer.

If you have accepted this challenge, how's it going? Are you praying regularly? Does your prayer life look any different than it did a week ago? Do your prayers sound more intentional, fervent, biblical, specific, energetic, and faithful? Perhaps prayer feels too intimidating to engage in? Maybe it's hard to know what to pray for? If you didn't accept the challenge, it's never too late.

Below are some ideas to encourage you to jump in and make Lent a holy season of preparation.

Prayer Partner — Ask someone you live with or someone you often see to pray with you routinely. It's always good to have an accountability partner. It's also good to have a routine and a consistent time to pray.

Memorize Scripture — Choose some favorite verses and simply memorize them. Speaking scripture back to God is a powerful way to pray.

Prayer Room — Stop by the prayer room at the church and spend a few minutes praying over the requests from others. They need you or they would not have asked for prayer.

Silence and Solitude — Attend our Silence and Solitude time for women on Thursdays from 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Instructions are provided each week, and optional discussions follow prayer time. Time with Jesus is always good.

Prayer Walk — Take a prayer walk in your neighborhood, downtown, or around your place of employment. Let the Spirit draw your attention to things or people you could pray for.

Mentorship — Pray that God would send you someone who needs a mentor. Or, if you need a mentor, pray for one to come into your life.

Read a Book About Prayer — Join some of the women leaders at Timberline a read "Praying Like Monks, Living Like Fools: An Invitation to the Wonder and Mystery of Prayer" by Tyler Staton.

While these suggestions are not exhaustive, they are a start, and we hope you find something here that will support you in your prayer life. We are praying for all of you!

Lord bless the eyes that read this, and invite us into fellowship with you!

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