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The content below is intended to provide a variety of helpful resources on difficult yet relevant subjects, in this case, finding freedom from pornography. We recognize that some sources may come into question for any number of reasons, and the following are not offered with a blanket endorsement of every word spoken or written. We believe God uses imperfect people every day, and the following are just as fallible as anyone — yet if they may be helpful, we want to share them with you. 


The use of pornography is something that has become increasingly prevalent in our society. According to the Institute for Family Studies, roughly six in 10 Americans have reported watching pornography at least once in their lives, with more than 27% reporting that they've watched pornography in the last month. Among those who have reported consumption of pornography, they've noted feelings of loneliness, isolation, anxiety, and other negative effects.

*Source: The Institute for Family Studies. Visit the Institute for Family Studies website for more information and the statistics mentioned above.

Though the male population typically reports higher numbers of pornography use, according to a report from The Recovery Village, 17% of all women struggle with pornography addiction.

*Source: The Recovery Village. Visit The Recovery Village website for more information and the statistics mentioned above.

Pastoral Messages

Pastoral Messages

As Pastor Jeff kicks off Timberline's study through the book of Mark, he speaks to the struggles of finding forgiveness, freedom, and "getting a life" that is new in Christ. In his message, he highlights specific struggles with addiction, like pornography. To watch the full message about freedom and a new life in Christ, click here.

Professional Resources

Professional Resources

Mending Hearts Counseling

Mending Hearts Counseling (MHC) is a counseling practice based in the northern Colorado area that serves clients in Fort Collins, Windsor, Greeley, and Loveland. MHC offers a safe place to discuss the issues that are affecting your relationship and your individual life. Learn more about Mending Hearts Counseling and counselor Carolyn Mader:
(970) 545-1111

Heart to Heart Counseling

Located in Colorado Springs, Heart to Heart counseling offers counseling for couples, DVD materials, and virtual counseling available for both sexes. Learn more about Heart to Heart Counseling:
(719) 278-3708

Every Man's Battle

Every Man's Battle is a workshop for men through New Life Ministries. The workshops are offered around the country at different dates and times, but the workshops are also offered online, as well as virtual counseling. New Life also offers a workshop for women who have been betrayed by sexual addiction called "Recovery."
(800) NEW-LIFE


Similar to AA, SAA-Recovery offers fellowship between individuals to share their experiences and hope with each other to help themselves, and others, overcome sexual addiction. Learn more about SAA-Recovery:
(713) 869-4902


SAnon is a 12-step program focusing on the single issue of lust versus the compulsive behavior of sexual addiction. Learn more about SAnon.org:
(615) 833-3152

Local Small Groups

Small Groups & Resources

Conquer Video Series - Pure Desire (Tuesdays)

"The Conquer Series" is an informative video series provided by Pure Desire, a ministry committed to helping men break the chains of sexual addiction. "The Conquer Series" is a resource and group that provides tools and techniques for the battle. This video series is great for men who are struggling but is also for men looking for biblical and clinical information about the struggles with pornography. When this group meets on Tuesdays, attendees will branch off into small groups of six to eight people for men who want to go deeper into recovery. The series is currently running on Tuesday nights and will run through the start of 2024. To learn more about "The Conquer Series," click here.

Pure Desire - Support Group (Thursdays)

Pure Desire is a support group that Timberline Church hosts at different times throughout the year. Pure Desire is a safe, confidential, support group for men struggling with addiction to porn and to help men rebuild the road to sexual integrity. This group currently meets on Thursday nights and will meet weekly through the end of the year. Find more information by clicking here.

Books & Podcasts


Singing in Babylon, by Jeff Lucas

Everyone has to live with second choices—events and circumstances that they would not choose, some trivial, some tragic. Daniel was a man whose life was filled with second choices, but he did more than just survive; he stayed faithful to God and thrived. Down-to-earth but inspirational, Singing in Babylon explores how the reader, like Daniel, can find purpose and meaning in life’s second choices. Available in print and digital formats here.


Betrayal Trauma Recovery

This podcast features real stories from real women experiencing betrayal trauma — victims of their husband's lies, porn use, infidelity, and emotional abuse. Listen to the Betrayal Trauma Recovery podcast here and read their blog.

Helping Couples Heal

This podcast focuses on recovering as a couple versus individual treatment. Listen to Helping Couples Heal podcast episodes here .

Pure Desire

Pure Desire is a weekly podcast that exists to create a safe place for men, women, and young adults to find hope and healing from the effects of sexual brokenness. Listen to weekly episodes of the Pure Desire podcast here .

Porn, Betrayal, Sex and the Experts

Two mental health professionals — who are also sex addicts in long-term successful recovery — specialize in and speak on porn and sex addiction recovery. Listen to episodes of the Porn, Betrayal, Sex and the experts podcast here .

Restoring the Soul with Michael John Cusick

In his podcast, Michael John Cusick initiates conversations that cultivate freedom, flourishing, and wholeness of the heart through Jesus-shaped spirituality. Listen to episodes of Restoring the Soul covering information regarding healing in sexual addiction, as well as several other areas.

Digital Resources

Digital Resources

Bloom for Women

For women who have experienced betrayal or trauma, Bloom for Women is a resource for women to feel seen and validated as they begin their journey to clarity and healing from betrayal trauma. Bloom for Women also offers a program called "Bloom for Partners" that offers resources and betrayal trauma support for those working to overcome compulsive sexual behavior and addiction. Learn more about Bloom for Women:

Culture Reframed

Culture Reframed is a resource for parents to know how to talk to teens and what signs to look for when it comes to a teen's use of porn. Learn more about the enrichment videos and further resources provided by Culture Reframed:
(646) 856-9284

20 Truths that Helped Me in My Battle with Porn Addiction

Courtesy of Pure Life Ministries through Right Now Media, this 20-session study for both men and women can be done right in the comfort and privacy of your own home. In the series, Steve Gallagher lays a biblical foundation for real freedom by relating 20 vital truths that God taught him in his own battle with pornography.

Fight the New Drug

Providing resources for both men and women, Fight the New Drug exists to raise awareness of the harmful effects of porn using science, facts, and personal accounts.

Porn Help

Porn Help provides resources for both men and women about overcoming pornography addiction. Learn more about how Porn Help makes quitting porn simple and understandable:

Your Brain On Porn

Your Brain On Porn provides resources and learnings about the effects of internet porn. Learn more about the social anxiety, cognitive problems, and other findings through Your Brain On Porn's citings:

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