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Short Term Missions Trip DIA Van Drivers

Fort Collins

Drive our Timberline Missions teams to DIA and/or pick them up as you are available. Application to be a Timberline Approved Driver is required.

Duties include: Responding to emails from the Missions Office for needed drivers, flight details and instruction included, become familiar with van key check out and check-in process, have the van ready to load prior to meeting times at the church, and be at DIA to coordinate pick up with Trip Leaders.

The time commitment for this position varies but is 3 - 4 hours per trip.

This position is for you if you are passionate about greeting people and have excitement for mission trips.

Skills that are helpful for this position are flexible, keeping and coordinating a schedule, good driving record.

Passing a background check, valid driver's license, and applying to be placed on Timberline's approved driver list will be needed to serve in this position.

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