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High School Leader

Fort Collins

This volunteer position entails:

Lead students into transforming relationships with Jesus and their peers

Plan and execute weekly meeting programming

Plan and execute ways to spend time with students off church campus

Maintain attendance list and follow up with students

Attend weekly team meetings and monthly leader meetings

Lead, Plan, and Attend events, retreats, and summer camp

The time commitment for this position is Sunday night, 5:30 - 9:30 p.m., weekly connection to students, monthly leader meetings on Saturday evenings, yearly events, and retreats.

This position is for you if you are passionate about leading high school students to a Christ-centered lifestyle, are dedicated to pursuing students and building relational equity to earn the right to speak into the deep issues of their life. This happens through weekly services, small groups, contact work, and finding creative ways to build relationships with students.

Helpful skills include adapting, connecting, counseling, and improving. 

We are looking for a volunteer with past experience in leading and organizing groups/working with adolescents.

A completed "Working with Minors" packet and passing a background check will be needed to serve in this position.

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