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Dominican Republic-Larimer County Spring Break



March 12-19, 2022
This team will have the opportunity to partner with a missionary couple that has spent many years working with Haitians in the Dominican. They have built up churches, schools, and strong community in an area where many would otherwise be forgotten and cast out of society. Come join us for a week as we partner with them in a current project that will help them continue to expand and grow their programs. We will also have opportunities to meet local Haitian pastors, participate in a children's program, and have a great time experiencing God's heart for the nations together. The team is designed for individuals and families. Max team size is 20.

REGISTRATION: Opens at 12 pm on Wednesday, November 10, 2021, and closes Thursday, January 13, 2021. Registration for the team is on a first-come, first-serve basis. To reserve your spot, please submit the application, deposit, financial agreement form, and a copy of your valid passport.

TEAM LEADERS: Doug Evans & Madelynn Keselburg 

AGE RESTRICTIONS: This is a family-friendly trip, therefore there are no stated age restrictions. If you have questions regarding the climate, schedule, and type of ministry the team will be a part of, please email Jacque Gowing, Mission's Director, at jgowing@timberlinechurch.org. These factors may help you determine what is best for your family.


DEPOSIT: $250, due at the time of application submission

2ND PAYMENT: $550 due by Monday, January 3, 2022

3RD PAYMENT: $400 due by Monday, January 24, 2022

FINAL PAYMENT: $400 due by Monday, February 7, 2022

INCLUDED IN COST: Airfare, food, lodging, transportation, international insurance, visa (if required), baggage fees, tips, fun day, COVID testing upon return to States (if required).

NOT INCLUDED IN COST: Passport fees, health-related appointments, such as recommended or required vaccines, meals to & from the destination country, souvenirs.

PASSPORT: We require a colored copy of your passport to be turned in at the time of application. This copy needs to include the photo and signature page; please ensure your passport is signed before sending a copy. The copy MUST be clear. If we cannot tell it is you in the photo, it will not be a valid passport copy.  

You must attach this to your application for your application to be considered complete. Passports should not expire within 7 months of the trip return date, should include 3 blank visa pages, and no amendment pages. For more information go to travel.state.gov.

HEALTH / MANDATORY VACCINATIONS: The Timberline Mission’s Office will update your trip leader as new information is made available regarding changes in travel status. It will be up to each team member to adhere to the requirements and provide the proper documentation while traveling. Cost of any medical requirements is not included in the trip cost. Consult your personal physician for vaccination recommendations. Visit a travel clinic or check out cdc.gov.

INSURANCE: Your trip cost covers the expense of purchasing international travel insurance. It is unlikely this insurance would not cover most trip-related scenarios. If you would like to review the details of coverage, please email jgowing@timberlinechurch.org.

REFUNDS: If you are unable to travel due to a positive COVID, other medically related issues, or family/personal circumstance, any expenses that have been pre-paid, pre-spent, or are non-recoverable to us will NOT be able to be refunded or credited back to you. Airline tickets are non-refundable. We may be able to get you a flight credit through the airline but cannot guarantee this to be the case.

SHORT-TERM TEAMS: These are designed to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of our missionary partners and the communities in which they serve. We believe that the command of Christ to go into all the world has not changed but we are certainly aware of and respect the many challenges that exist nationally and globally. We will absolutely do our best to take all the necessary precautions and work with our missionary hosts to adjust to the local guidelines but where there are needs and requests from our missionary partners and hosts, we want to provide an opportunity for those who are willing and able to go and help meet the needs.

QUESTIONS: Email the Mission’s Director: Jacque Gowing; jgowing@timberlinechurch.org

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March 12-19, 2022

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