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Mitch & Debbie Martinez — Dominican Republic


DOMINICAN REPUBLIC— Mitch and Debbie Martinez and have been working as missionaries in the Dominican Republic for 23 years. They are church planters, and educators. They have networked there with various volunteers and missionaries in the past to accomplish various projects for the kingdom of God.  Deborah is currently overseeing much needed educational programs including a private school (La Vega Christian School), and various Haitian day schools in poor communities.  They have also been involved in over thirty construction projects; providing new sanctuaries, schools, and annexes.  They have a TV production studio which has produced a TV program called Consejo De Vida (Counsel For Life). The program deals with problems that affect families and society and always offers a solution starting with Jesus Christ.  They have also produced various ministry promos and videos.  They are involved in helping various other on-going ministries and outreaches.

We moved to La Vega in 1992 with our five children.  They are grown now and currently, we have 11 grandchildren. Our desire is to serve the Lord in whatever way we can.

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