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WNC Week 7 "Culture Wars: Political Life and the Kingdom of God" Brent Cunningham with Dick Foth and Steve Moore at Timberline Church

Series: Culture Wars

March 22, 2023 | Brent Cunningham

Dick Foth interviews Steve Moore who has been a speech writer for social and political leaders for decades in D.C. and around the world. Steve is a self-described “political junkie.” Together, they paint a picture of what it might look like for those in the kingdom of God to engage with the political world. What hope is there for any sort of unity in America when the nation is so politically splintered? They also respond to questions which were submitted earlier. 

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Week 8: Political Life and the Kingdom of God

Dick Foth and Steve Moore



FREEDOM is the GOAL. Democracy is a means.




BIBLICAL: John Witherspoon. Religious community


REPUBLICAN: Thomas Jefferson. Political equality



Utilitarian:  Ben Franklin.  Opportunity to do better
Expressive:  Walt Whitman.  Do what I want

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