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WNC Week 4 "Culture Wars: A Theology of Gender & Understanding Gender Ideology, Pt. 1 " Brent Cunningham at Timberline Church

Series: Culture Wars

February 15, 2023 | Brent Cunningham

In this currently contentious topic, Christians must distinguish between “gender ideology,” and those trapped in the ideology. The Bible commands us to refuse to sacrifice either truth or love. We know that humanity’s rebellion in the garden introduced sin into the human experience. And sin has so deeply ravaged what it means to be human, and our experiences of embodied life, that our own identities are deeply fractured. We finally consider historically how gender dysphoria has moved from a rare psychological symptom to a social phenomenon—fed by a particular ideology that comes through the educational institutions, and is enabled by a technology we did not have before.


Further Reading:
1. Ryan T. Anderson, When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment
2. Carl Trueman, Strange New World: How Thinkers and Activists Redefined Identity and Sparked the Sexual Revolution
3. Matt Walsh’s film, “What is a Woman?”

  1. Five-minute video, search YouTube for: “John Money: The Origins of Gender Identity”

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