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Whole People Are Resilient- Windsor Campus

Series: Living Whole in a Fractured World: A Letter From James

September 19, 2021 | John Mehl

The heart of James (the pastor, the flawed brother of Jesus) is a play for authenticity and wholeness of a life of faith. This series is an integrity check, not a checklist for our daily lives. A key piece of an integrity of faith is resilience – which is learned through trials, refining, and a citizenship that is beyond this world.

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  • The letter of James: An  , not a  

Martin Luther "We are saved by faith alone, but the faith that saves is never alone.”

  • Part of James' path to resilience: Count your trials joy

Charles Spurgeon: “Kiss the wave that throws you against the rock of ages!”

  • Our resilience isn’t chest-pounding, it’s matching  to  
  • Take it from a brother, a pastor: Know your  

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