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The Walk of Becoming: "Walking in the Spirit" Dary Northrop at Timberline Church

Series: The Walk of Becoming: Experiencing Christlike Character in 2024

April 21, 2024 | Dary Northrop

Join us this weekend as we look at what it means to depend on something other than our own strength to make good decisions. Hope to see you there!

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"Walking in the Spirit"


Pastor Dary Northrop 


Galatians 5


1. The () of our human nature. 


2. Traits to (). 


3. Traits to (). 


4. Self () vs. Self (). 


Things to think about this week:  

 1. Identify inputs that affect my ().  


 2. Identify possible () that I can influence.  


 3. Identify () vs. () desires.



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