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The Walk of Becoming: "Goodness" Brent Cunningham at Timberline Windsor

Series: The Walk of Becoming: Experiencing Christlike Character in 2024

June 02, 2024 | Brent Cunningham

What is 'goodness'? How do we define this flavor of the Fruit of the Spirit? In order to grasp what it is we are experiencing in the goodness of God, we need to first come to grips with how God defines goodness (instead of our own definitions and standards). From there, because we increasingly look like those we are around the most, we will increasingly see goodness grow in us and through us.

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The Walk Of Becoming


Galatians 5:13-25, Psalm 1:1-4

3 Models of the Spiritual Life:

  1. Learning the Right Answers
  2. Exerting our Wills
  3. Spiritual Transformation:


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