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RECAP - "How We Change: Community"

Series: Small Group Discussion Videos

February 06, 2022 | Dary Northrop

This week we continued our series How We Change: Practicing the Way of Jesus. Pastor Dary explored community as a spiritual practice. This for small group leaders is our heartbeat isn’t it?! So much of what we do is steeped in this, and how refreshing to have the whole weekend challenge us to pursue it intentionally.

At Timberline we want to be a church of community builders and extenders. We want real community, real Jesus-centered friendship and support for each of you. And we want to be people who graciously extend it to our neighbor. It’s the biblical model to pursue God connected in community with each other. But often in our culture it has become easier and easier to be isolated. To let differences divide us.

I am hopeful that this message will compel more people to join our groups and become intentional in this area of their lives! And I am praying that your conversations in your groups will stir us to continue to push each of us to be community builders in all arenas of our lives. Yes and Amen!

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A weekly summary of the week's sermon for small group discussion.

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