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RECAP - How We Change: Celebration

Series: Small Group Discussion Videos

January 30, 2022 | Dary Northrop

This week we continued our series How We Change: Practicing the Way of Jesus. Pastor Dary explored celebration as a spiritual practice. Are you good at celebration? Is it something you do intentionally? Dary shared several accounts from the gospels in his sermon and pointed out that in each moment of celebration, there was someone who was bitter and defensive about the act of celebration itself. In our culture today, celebration can be looked at as foolish or naïve. Being a realist is almost equivalent with being mature. But God commands us to celebrate. Despite the brokenness around us (which is very real) we still have reason to sing “It is well with my soul.” I wonder if your small group members feel that they are good celebrators. Some of us are naturally better at doing this than others, but the call to rejoice in the Lord covers us all. I pray you all have great discussion this week!

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