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Promises Kept: "The Promised Shepherd" Dary Northrop at Timberline Windsor

Series: Advent: Promises Kept

December 03, 2023 | Dary Northrop

Every single one of us is in need of our Lord God leading and guiding us like a shepherd guides his sheep. This Avent we are invited to reflect on whether we are running loose from our shepherd or allowing him to guide and lead us as the Good Shepherd.

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Promised Kept: The Promised Shepherd

Dary Northrop

Micah 5:2,4

1. Another promise kept- Micah's prediction

2. A vital  : what comes in our   when we think about what God is like?

3. Jesus- the good and   shepherd

4. We are under His loving  

5. We are called to daily  

6. We experience His authentic  

7. We are part of His flock  


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