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Nine Sacred Pathways: Week 5

Series: Sacred Pathways: Nine Ways to Connect With God

October 06, 2021 | Donny Abbott

SENSATES: Loving God with the Senses 
ASCETICS: Loving God in Solitude and Simplicity 

Sensate Christians want to be lost in the awe, beauty, and splendor of God. They are drawn particularly to the liturgical, the majestic, the grand. When these Christians worship, they want to be filled with sights, sounds and smells that overwhelm them. Incense, intricate architecture, classical music, and formal language send their hearts soaring. 

Ascetics want nothing more than to be left alone in prayer. Take away the liturgy, the trappings of religion, the noise of the outside world. Let there be nothing to distract them—no pictures, no loud music—and leave them alone to pray in silence and simplicity. 

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Please join Pastor Brent in the series “Sacred Pathways: Nine Ways to Connect with God.” Does your walk with God reflect the unique way in which God has hardwired you? This nine-week teaching series will show you how to get out of your spiritual routines and generate new enthusiasm in your faith. Discover your own sacred pathway.

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