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Nine Sacred Pathways - Week 4

Series: Sacred Pathways: Nine Ways to Connect With God

September 29, 2021 | Brent Cunningham

ACTIVISTS: Loving God through Confrontation

 Activists serve a God of justice, and their favorite Scripture is often the story of Jesus’ cleansing of the temple. They define worship as standing against evil and calling sinners to repentance. These Christians often view the church as a place to recharge their batteries so they can go back into the world to wage war against injustice. 

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Please join Pastor Brent in the series “Sacred Pathways: Nine Ways to Connect with God.” Does your walk with God reflect the unique way in which God has hardwired you? This nine-week teaching series will show you how to get out of your spiritual routines and generate new enthusiasm in your faith. Discover your own sacred pathway.

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