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"Let's Talk" Jeff Lucas at Timberline Church

June 05, 2022 | Jeff Lucas

Hi everyone, and welcome to our weekend at Timberline Fort Collins. This weekend, we have standalone message - ‘Let’s Talk - healthy conflict’. In a world that has been so divided over the last couple of years, let’s think about how we can disagree agreeably, really hear each other, and get along in our diverse opinions.

This weekend, we look at an episode in the lives of two of the greatest New Testament heroes - the apostles Paul and Barnabas. They changed the world, planted churches, endured persecution - and then fell out in a row over team selection. How can we disagree agreeably, and consider ‘hot topics’ thoughtfully and biblically, without shouting that only leads to soundbites? And thanks as ever for joining us.

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Jeff Lucas


“Let’s Talk”

Acts 15:36-40


1. Conflict is  and .



2. The most beautiful relationships can be shattered by  conflict.

Acts 9:26–27



3. Opposing  can stem from the same root .



4. When we don’t speak truth in , we don’t speak .

Eph 4:15



5. There’s more than one way to  - and shouting creates .



6. Love calls us to .

You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry. (Jas 1:19)



7. Let’s be  towards those that we  with

‘Is it only Barnabas and I who have to work to support ourselves? (1 Co 9:6)