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Jeff Lucas on When Christmas Feels Gray

December 20, 2021 | Mackenzie Matthews

Pastor Jeff Lucas in this episode shares about the harder parts of the Christmas season, specifically how you navigate this time of year when you are grieving or struggling.


The prayer at the end of the episode is an excerpt from Every Moment Holy Volume II by Douglas Kaine Mckelvey titled "A Liturgy For the Hardship of Holidays and Special Days.” You can check out Volume I here.


Music from this podcast was composed by Corey Wright of Frail Talk (https://frailtalk.bandcamp.com/releases) and weareforests (https://weareforestsmusic.bandcamp.com/). You can find more of this set produced for Advent by visiting Everydayjoes.org/advent (https://www.everydayjoes.org/advent)