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Impossible To Possible- Windsor Campus

Series: Whaaat? Awestruck by Glory

December 12, 2021 | John Mehl

In this week’s 2 part message, we encounter the power and the posture of a God who makes the impossible a reality! As we come to grips with his greatness, we’re going to find ourselves asking the question: Why would this great God pursue me? Our prayer is that the answer would continue to stir awe and wonder and worship!

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Follow Along with the Message

Impossible to Possible

Luke 2:8-20, Matthew 1:21-23

Part 1- We encounter the power:

  • The Lord Almighty possesses the power to miraculously break through what is  and make it  

Part 2- We encounter the posture:

  • The heavenly host broke through the natural in celebration... and chose an  
  • God has spent the entire history of mankind- all the way from Adam & Eve up through this very day- intent on showing his beloved creation  and  

Why would  come to  ?

 encountering a power and a posture like this?

Series Information

The Christmas story, so familiar, so little understood, is about the extravagant love of God who came so far to rescue us. It’s about what is totally impossible becoming a reality - enough to split the heavens open, revealing an angelic praise party. And it’s about heaven coming to earth, the Messiah, not a victorious warlord as expected, but a fragile, tiny baby. Hope has come, not in an idea, a theory, but in the person of Jesus. ‘Awesome’ is an overused word, but one that is totally appropriate when we consider the Advent narrative.

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