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How We Change: Sacrifice - Windsor Campus

Series: How We Change

January 23, 2022 | Donny Abbott

From an Old Testament perspective, the purpose of sacrifice was a way of bringing people into the presence of God. More than sacrifice merely being ‘giving something up’, it is perhaps better understood as a giving over of the valuable, the sacred. Pastor Donny explores why God is worthy of our sacrifices and challenges us with the question, “What do you need to sacrifice?”

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Series Information

‘How We Change’ is to focus on the way of Jesus. If you catch this, you catch this series (and if we miss this, we miss the series). Focusing on the way of Jesus keeps our spiritual practices vibrant and relational (and keeps us from a focus on the practices themselves which will turn stale and legalistic. Focus on the way of Jesus – that’s where the life and vibrancy and flourishing is found.

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