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"God’s Nature: Cosmos" Jeff Lucas at Timberline Church

Series: God's Nature: Tracing His Fingerprints

June 19, 2022 | Jeff Lucas

Hi, and welcome to Timberline. Thanks so much for joining us this weekend. We’re beginning a new teaching series, 'God’s Nature: Tracing His Fingerprints’. Summer is here, we can get out there and enjoy the beauty of Northern Colorado, but let’s ask - what does God’s Creation say about God’s character?

This weekend we are looking out and up - at the Cosmos. As we consider God’s greatness, we sense the call to trust Him. He is also so very close, we can whisper to Him in prayer. And we will think about how we are called to live responsibly - the planet does not belong to us, we are tenants, not owners. Finally, we will consider to call to share our faith - Creation speaks of God, and we are called to live for Him and speak out for Him too! We trust you’ll be encouraged and inspired as we share together!

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God's Nature: Tracing His Fingerprints

Jeff Lucas



Genesis 1:1-5, Psalm 19:1-2



1. God is (), larger than () itself.



2. God is (), closer than ().



3. God is the (), artistic ().



4. God is the biggest () - the () is His.



5. God is the biggest () - He gave us His ().




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