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by Missions Team on January 13, 2020

Do you have an interest in foreign and local missions, but you don’t feel like you’re the one who will always place feet on the ground? Do you like to hear the great stories people have about their faith walks? Do you find yourself sharing stories as a reflex? Or maybe you like to be behind the scenes, taking pictures or videos that help tell stories. Or maybe you just find social media interesting and have gotten good at punchy posts that pique interest.

If any of these sound like you, you might be interested in joining us on the Timberline Missions Storytellers team. Timberline Missions Storytellers exists to share, promote, and inspire others through the work and stories of our local, national, and global missions’ efforts. We are a volunteer team supporting the work of Timberline Missions through our creativity, writing, story-crafting, and marketing skills. While the Lead positions require a greater time commitment, writers and content creators can contribute on a more flexible schedule – receiving assignments once a month if preferred.

Let’s hear about the job from one of our writers:

“When I was a kid, I always thought I’d be a missionary, but I soon learned my heart aches for my own community—not necessarily for people across the ocean. As I grew up, I finally learned that, indeed, we are all missionaries wherever we reside. With that knowledge guiding me, I always want to encourage each Christ-follower in his or her individual mission field. So, I became a writer for Timberline Missions Storytellers.

“As a writer on the team, I generally give a couple of hours a month. But what I get in return is a unique position where I see God in action all over the world through Timberline Church. When I get an assignment, I am in charge of interviewing local and global missionaries in whatever way works best for the interviewee. Then I produce a quick, concise story to give other people the joy of seeing God’s work throughout the world. It’s a simple process that, when joined with everything else the Storytellers team does, can make a big impact.” --Tiffany

Here are the available positions on the team:

  • Team Lead
  • Assistant Team Lead
  • Facebook Lead
  • Facebook Content Creator
  • Writer
  • Video Creator
  • Photographer

As mentioned earlier, the time commitment varies in these positions depending on the job and the number of people on the team. Also, many tasks can be completed at your own home. Of course, if you have the interest but not necessarily the skills, we can find someone to train you as needed.

If any of this brings a spark to your mind, making your fingers tingle just a bit with the thought of getting these stories told, please contact us at


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