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Series: What Just Happened?

November 28, 2020

Pride Happened

Dick Foth speaks on the theme, PRIDE HAPPENED. In short, PRIDE is at the heart of all...

November 22, 2020

Gratitude Happened

We are going to take a look at what it means to live with Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving...

November 14, 2020

Impatience Happened

We are looking at impatience. Our culture seems to push us all to hurry. We expect...

November 08, 2020

Access Happened

Did you know that 42% of the world population does not have access to hear about...

November 01, 2020

Forgiveness Happened

We are talking about forgiveness. Forgiveness affects every person in the world...

October 25, 2020

Anger Happened

We are talking about anger. Something we have seen much more of in our culture these...

October 18, 2020

Hope Happened

Jeff Lucas as he unpacks the story of Daniel in his message "Hope Happened"

October 11, 2020

Resentment Happened

In a world where resentment, accusation and bitterness seems to fill the air, we learn...

September 26, 2020

Generosity Happened

We are talking about generosity. This story we often know as “the good Samaritan“ is a...

September 20, 2020

Faith Happened

We are talking about faith. What is faith? Can I get more of it? Do I already have a...

September 13, 2020

Curiosity Happened

Pastor Jeff looks at the life of a man who was transformed by Jesus - Zacchaeus - and...