To facilitate the response of people to God through the arts

Core Values

  • We value engaging individuals’ minds and hearts; inviting them to draw close to God and furthering their thoughts, feelings, and actions towards God.
  • We value compelling people towards God in both intimacy and awe.
  • We value balanced expressions that are respectful of each other’s journey, especially those who are not yet following Jesus and those who have just begun.
  • We value working together towards honoring God through consistency and excellence.
  • We value the heart of worship over any preference of style or personality. God is the center of worship, not us.
  • We value empowering the artist to influence culture.

Love Expresses Teams

This team works to create the best possible listening experience for everyone in our services and in several events throughout the week.

From the lights, to the stage, to what you see on the screens and everything in between, this team works hard to provide an environment for worship.

We offer live music in all of our services during worship. We are always in need of more individuals who have a heart to play the drums, guitar, keyboard, and other instruments, or to sing. Audition is required.

Choir & Orchestra
These teams perform twice in the fall, twice in the spring and a handful of times in the Sunday morning Traditional service. Rehearsals are Thursday evenings. Audition is required for Orchestra only.

If you are interested in joining any of these teams, please call 970.482.4387 x131 for more information or to set up an audition for orchestra or music teams.

Contact Us
970.482.4387 x131