If you would like to explore more about Spiritual Disciplines, per the congregations request, we have made a file available to download and read. Click here to learn more about Spiritual Disciplines.

To nurture the ongoing transformation of people into the likeness of Christ

This community has many opportunities to develop meaningful relationships with others while growing and serving - all essential parts of being a follower of Jesus.

We want to offer you opportunities to take the next steps in your spiritual growth. Be intentional about those next steps - you'll be glad you did!

Whether you've never been to church, you've been hundreds of times, or you're returning after a long absence, we invite you to belong to a community of individuals called Timberline Church who are seeking to follow Jesus.

We believe that following Jesus means:

  • Earnestly desiring to submit to His lordship
  • Believing that Jesus exercises His lordship through Scripture
  • Wanting to understand what light the Bible throws on all of life
  • Seeking God's grace to follow His will

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