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Jobs - Facilities Manager

Job Title:            Facilities Manager
Reports To:         Jeff Lucas
Direct Reports:  Facilities Coordinator, Facilities Crew Chief, and Facilities Team Members
Effective Date:   October 2021

The Facilities Manager job comprises of activities and duties that focus on providing effective services, as per the needs of the ministry. This requires them to be incredibly good communicators so that they can present their approach of work to volunteers as well as church staff. The manager supervises the tasks related to overall custodial, maintenance, and work safety methods. Depending on the availability of building space, the manager must work to ensure that ministries and outside groups have their facilities needs met. 

Duties & Responsibilities:  Facilities Manager
The following list of duties and responsibilities is intended to serve as a guide to what is expected of the Facilities Manager.  

  • Collaborate closely with Connections & Events Director on any connections and events usage needs.
  • Support Traffic Team alongside of We Serve including maintenance and repairs of traffic trams, safety cone management, and weekend preparation.
  • Supervise facilities department.
  • Oversee the Facilities Coordinator.
  • Oversee the Facilities Crew Chief.
  • Scheduling (oversight with the Crew Chief).
  • Review and approve all Activity/Room Requests related to the use of the facility and all Vehicle Requests related to the use of church vehicles.
  • Approve requests for use of church facilities by Outside Groups; maintain appropriate policies and procedures for such use.
  • Coordinate the Big Events Calendar; communicate and resolve potential scheduling conflicts among ministries.
  • Oversee the Building & Maintenance and Vehicles budgets; approve all expenditures in accordance with the annual departmental budgets.
  • Develop & maintain a preventative maintenance program and schedule.
  • Forecast big expenditures in any area and communicate them to the Executive Pastor.
  • Attend Pay Supervisors meeting
  • Oversee the safety and security of the building and surrounding grounds.
  • Must be able to work a flexible schedule and serve during evenings and weekends, as necessary.

Facilities Manager

  • 40+ hours a week.
  • Working weekends and various holidays.
  • Weekly meetings.
  • Weekly staff chapels and outside events.
  • Abide by the Timberline Staff Covenants and the Employee Handbook.
  • In the spirit of continuous improvement and serving one another, you may be asked to assist with interim duties or other duties as assigned.

This is a full-time position.

To Apply: Click the below links to complete the job application and SHAPE Assessment. Please submit these along with your resume and cover letter. We will then contact you for the next steps. 



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