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Jobs - Facilities and Campus Operations Manager - Windsor

Job Title: Facilities and Campus Operations Manager
Reports To: Campus Pastor
Effective Date: July 2022


Provide leadership, structure, and care to the stewardship, maintenance, upkeep, and ongoing development of the Timberline Windsor Campus (hereafter including both the 360 Crossroads and The Farm sites).

Duties & Responsibilities
The following list of duties and responsibilities is intended to serve as a guide to what is expected of the Facilities and Campus Operation Manager .

Campus Care

  • Oversee & steward Facilities budget
  • Work with Campus Pastor and campus staff to oversee current campus operations and optimization
  • Develop and work with the following teams to ensure campus is adequately cared for:
    • Facilities volunteers - recruiting, leading, and caring for a team that will assist weekly with cleaning, grounds care, general maintenance)
    • Security
    • Kitchen
  • Collaborate with the Events Coordinator to facilitate events beyond weekends (Ministry Events / Funerals / Weddings / Baptisms / Major Community Events)
  • Supervise the maintenance and supplies of the Timberline Windsor Campus
    • Landscaping
    • HVAC
    • Opening / locking up / alarming campus
    • Be responsible for the opening and closing procedures for all Timberline Windsor events (Weekend services, special event set up, etc.)
    • Manage requests for all keys, proxy cards and alarm codes for Timberline Windsor volunteers in coordination with the Administrative Assistant
  • Room usage
    • Work in coordination with Events Coordinator regarding room requests and facility usage
    • Ensure all rooms are properly set and reset for scheduled events
  • Risk management
    • Collaborate as needed with the Hospitality Director on matters of the Security team
  • Collaborate with the Timberline Fort Collins Facilities and Security teams
  • Work with Hospitality Director to ensure weekend services are sufficiently prepared and any room arrangements before or after services are adequately planned for


  • Function as an employee of Timberline Windsor with a servant’s heart and a willingness to minister to people inside and outside of Timberline Church as needed
  • Serve the members of the church and the community in times of crisis and need

This is a full time position.

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