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Café Associate

Job Title: Café Associate 
Reports To: Café Manager, Facilities and Events Manager 
Direct Reports: All Volunteers
Effective Date: March 2021

The Café Associate is a barista who also fills in for the Café Manager when he/she is not available.

Duties & Responsibilities

    • Oversee the Café when manager is not available.
    • Able to respond to problematic situation without the Manager being present.
    • Reinforce standards set by the Manager.
    • Take inventory and place orders when the Manager is not available.
    • Assist with Café deposits when the Manager is not available.
    • On-call to fill in for emergency shift.
    • Assist in recruiting and training of new volunteers.
    • Assist with volunteer meetings.
    • Provide general support and encouragement to volunteers.
    • Provide excellent customer service.
    • Operate register and make drinks for customers.
    • Perform daily duties throughout the week as posted.
    • Stock and clean when needed.
    • Abide by the Timberline Church Ministry Covenant

This is a part-time position requiring work on weekends and some evenings.

To Apply: Click the below links to complete the job application and SHAPE Assessment. Please submit these along with your resume and cover letter. We will then contact you for the next steps. 



Please Note: you must submit all items requested to be considered for employment.