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Audio Director

Job Title: Audio Director
Reports To: Worship Pastor
Direct Reports: Audio Volunteers
Effective Date: October 2020

The Audio Director works full time in providing Timberline Church with a high-quality worship environment through audio production and facilitates at a high level inside and outside group events.

Duties & Responsibilities
• Weekly discussions with worship pastor for weekend goals and vision
• Weekly pre-production planning such as stage plots, I/O Lists, Aviom labels
• Creating click tracks for weekend services
• Maintaining and organizing the in-ear monitor library
• Equipment programming
• Create weekly Pro Tools sessions for rehearsals and services
• Stage setup and tear down
• Systems operation and utilization
• Supervise audio for weekly worship rehearsals
• Supervise audio for midweek services
• Weekly pre-mixing for weekend services
• Training and assisting volunteers
• Equipment preventive maintenance and repair
• Developing healthy relationships with volunteers and musicians
• Conduct A/V training sessions for outside groups using the facility
• Weekend setup and finalization
• Supervise audio for weekend services
• Recruiting and connecting with new volunteers
• Management of audio volunteers
• Management of audio budget
• Daily calls and meetings Required Skills
• Understanding of audio fundamentals
• Live sound experience
• Knowledge of analog and digital signal flow
• Knowledge of Pro Tools software
• Budget management
• Repairing and maintaining equipment
• Mixing in a live environment
• Leading volunteers and staff • Studio Mixing
• Maintaining and operation of lighting systems.

Time Commitment
• 40+ hours a week
• Working weekends and various holidays
• Weekly meetings
• Weekly staff chapels and outside events
• Abide by the Timberline Staff Covenants and the Employee Handbook

This is a full-time position.

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