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RV Life Virtual Small Group

This small group is designed to achieve two goals - fellowship through a small group, and spiritual growth through religious study. The group will provide an on-line setting for individuals and couples seeking fellowship though a small group but who find it difficult to travel to the site of a more traditional small group. This might include people living a more nomadic life style (RVers or those whose job requires constant travel) or those for whom travel is difficult. The group will use on-going Bible studies, discussions of challenging theological questions, and analysis of Timberline Sunday messages to enable group members to grow and mature spiritually. While membership is not age restricted, the group will focus on the types of issues and questions with which Christians 50+ often struggle. This group will be led by Richard Barnhart. Group members will need a computer with a camera and a microphone (laptops have them built in). Zoom will be used; participants are not required to buy or load any software. A hyperlink to access the group will be provided to participants. If you are interested or have questions, please feel free to contact Richard at 970-227-2817 or .

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