Our History

Timberline Church was founded in 1921 by people wanting to reach out to this community in love. This remains the heart and passion of our church. We’ve carried the name Timberline Church since March 1999. There are two reasons for the name Timberline. First, it’s the name of the road where our church is located. Second, there’s the actual, physical place in Colorado where the "timberline" exists 11,000 feet above sea level. We, as a church, have much in common with that timberline.

A Place of Change
The physical timberline is detected because of the obvious change in nature. Timberline Church is marked by the changes God has brought about in the lives of the people here. We witness incredible transformation and positive differences as people encounter God.

A Place Where Life is Deeply Rooted
The physical timberline is at such an altitude that all life must be deeply rooted in the soil to survive the storms and severe weather. Timberline Church is striving to assist people in becoming deeply rooted in Christ so they can stand strong against the storms of life.

A Place Where God’s Presence and Power is Seen
The physical timberline offers majestic views that declare God’s glory to all who see it. Timberline Church strives to be a living witness of God’s power and presence. Our desire is to present a very clear "view of God."