In Colorado, mountains that are 14,000 feet or higher are called “fourteeners.” Climbing them is exhilarating and challenging! In 2018, we are continuing to use the analogy of “fourteeners” to describe four of our specific values and goals as the Timberline Church family.

Why Climb?

As a church we exist to lead people into transforming relationships with Jesus Christ and others. We want to demonstrate and share the good news of the Christian message with Northern Colorado and the wider world. There is hope and freedom in Christ, and we want to continue to play our part, together with many churches in our area, fulfilling God’s mission – That’s why we “climb” with God’s Help!

What are our Fourteeners?

Before going mountain climbing, you need to select the right mountains, and plan accordingly! In 2018, we are identifying four “fourteeners.” There’s much more that we plan to do together, but these objectives help us to be clear about where we’re broadly headed as a church community.


The early church captured the attention of their world by serving and caring. We want to continue to be a blessing to our community, sharing our resources, and inviting our neighbors to use what we have. Imagine community sports areas on our property – or neighborhood committees meeting in our buildings… and more! We’d like our community to feel that living near a Timberline campus brings wonderful benefits!

My response: I will see to be a blessing where I live, perhaps looking out for the lonely, looking for opportunities to show kindness, and as opportunity arises, letting my neighbors know that a warm welcome is waiting for them in our Timberline communities.


Prayer is vital because God is our source. “Our” church is His church, and the mission is His, not ours, so we seek His direction in all we do. We will continue to designate special seasons and gatherings for prayer, and have moments for creative pause and prayer in our services. We also have a newly remodeled prayer room which is available as a quiet space for reflection and sharing prayer requests.

My response: I will make my daily walk with God a priority, and seek to grow in my relationship with Him. I will look out for opportunities to join in shared prayer events


The world needs a story for life, otherwise we become a culture that has “lost the plot.” We want to continue to unpack and live in on true narrative, God’s story – from creation, to the cross and resurrection , and to the completion when Jesus comes again. In early 2018 we will begin a new series, “Long Story Short,” which will help us to see God’s unfolding purposes from Genesis – Revelation, and understand how the Bible fits together.

We all have our own individual stories to tell, testimonies that can encourage and strengthen each other, and so we will creatively share some of those stories.

My response: I will continue to be a lifelong learner, embracing the adventure and traveling with God, and be open to share my journey and hear the experiences of others along the way.


Generosity should characterize how we live as apprentices of Jesus – how we give our time, talents, and treasure. Just as climbing a fourteener calls for commitment, sacrifice, and intentionality, so generosity is not just a character trait of the few, but calls for intentionality from us all.

My response: I will recognize that God owns me and all I have, and respond to His grace with broad generosity, serving, and proportional financial giving.

How to climb mountains.

For some, climbing a fourteener is the ultimate Colorado adventure challenge. A very early morning start is followed by a lengthy trek, but the rewards are huge – stunning views, a sense of shared accomplishment, and breathing the pure and rarified air at the top.

Climbing a fourteener is a total body experience – cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and strength in the legs and core are needed to carry the body and gear to the top. We invite everyone in our church body – not just a willing few – to join in the journey.

Flexibility is vital too. The ups and downs of climbing a fourteener puts a huge strain on the joints and muscles. Flexibility is important while traversing rocks and narrow sections on the trail. We will continue to be adaptable and innovative, willing to try new things, while holding fast to what is unchanging.

It takes training and sacrifice to summit. Summiting a mountain calls for a climb, not a stroll! Together, each of us playing our part, we prayerfully plan to continue to impact our world.

Join in the opportunities and challenges as, for the glory of God, we “summit” these objectives in 2018!