Strategic Partners

ENLACE (pronounced en-lah-say, the Spanish word for link) has been equipping churches to transform communities in El Salvador since 1993. Battered by wars, earthquakes, and ongoing violence, the people of El Salvador struggle to break the cycle of poverty. In rural El Salvador, 46% live in dirt floor homes, 23% of children suffer from chronic malnourishment, 58% lack access to clean water and 63% live on less than $2 per day.

ENLACE responds to these challenges by equipping churches, which are found in every rural village, to alleviate poverty in their own communities. Over a 10-year period, ENLACE trains and coaches church leaders to work with their communities to develop sustainable health, infrastructure and community economic development projects. ENLACE currently works with more than 50 local churches impacting the daily lives of nearly 50,000 people. ENLACE's vision is to see 100 churches transform the spiritual and physical lives of 250,000 people in El Salvador by 2015.

Timberline Church has partnered with Enlace to serve the people of El Salvador since 2011. See the ENLACE website for more information about their projects as well as the Timberline Student Ministries El Salvador blog for a glimpse into past and upcoming trips.

Hillcrest Children's Home, Hillcrest, Arkansas, is a private Christian residential child care campus established in 1944 as a national Assemblies of God child care ministry to abused, neglected, and sexually exploited children. Their mission is to rescue children from harm's way, restore broken hearts and spirits, rekindling hope for a child's bright future.

Highlands Maternity Home also resides on this property, serving young women, ages 13-28, from around the United States. The level of love and care that the children, the young women at Highlands, and the house parents receive is remarkable. By providing a safe place for children and young women in crisis to live and be cared for, Highlands enables families to find success. At the same time, they are being assured of the hope they have in Jesus Christ during a desperate time in their lives.

Timberline Church has sent teams to serve at Hillcrest each summer since July 2012. Please see the Hillcrest Children's Home website for more information.